Sunday, November 21, 2010

Research Writing Assignment #1(Cyber Bullying)

   Although most peoples' personal opinion is negative, the article A Right for Students to Be Cruel Online? says that cyber bullies are aren't responsible for the effects of their free speech. A student at a Beverly Hills school, was harassed by fellow students who had posted a video publicly badmouthing her. Fake myspace profiles, that were shields of anonymous protection for some, were discovered and deleted. I can't help but think that the fact that this happens so often, morphs the perception of adults' view of teenagers. If we are given freedom and we abuse it, we are less likely to be given that same freedom in the future.
    Another article,To Teach Students the Value of Free Speech, Sometimes We Must Restrict It, says that students should be punished. Although, throughout the article it mentions that students are protected by thier first ammendment right, it also said that free speech should be limited.

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